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The love I never wished for

Happy and lost I was
On a self built land
Cheerful yet gloomy
Like a happy story so tanned.

There came a soul
To fill my emptiness
There stood a mind
To read my hallowness.

To join the pieces
Yet keeping the creases
It came along
To make me happier
And drive me crazier

The efforts to fix me
From the Dawn to the dusk
The tries to set me free
In my own paradise.

Today as we need to split our ways
I know
The worth of this love
Today as we will let go our hands
Togetherness shall come alive
And finally,
when we unpair our eyes
I will be whimpering
To feel what parting means

Living my memories for the last
As I reflect my past
To see what I had
Try to reminisce the words that screamed
“He is too perfect for her”
I only have tears to pour
Cursing Yet praising
My Lord
For love I never wished for.

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Waves are clumsy
They love to explore
Explore, the edges
waves walk
waves run
they jump high
they laugh

Ocean is silent
It flows
Flows to the lead of wave
Ocean smiles
Ocean listens
It crosses miles
passes saying simple Hi.

People cry with waves
Thank the Ocean
People visit the Ocean
Leave enjoying the waves.

Ocean Listens
Waves talk.

Each day before Sun kisses the Ocean
Waves return back where it belongs
Yet fears surround the Ocean
what if in between hide and seek
Its gem just gets hypnotized
Hypnotized by the beauty of the edges
or becomes just too much
Terrified by the clear blue water since ages.

Waves, Ocean’s Soul
Ocean, waves’ home.

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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall
Who is the happiest of them​ all
The mirror showed a picture
A picture she could recognize
A Picture so familiar
A Face so similar
Big eyes and a short lip​
Long loose curls and faded smile
The face was so familiar
The face was so much Similar
The mirror captured the image of the happiest soul
The mirror gave the picture of the kindest soul
Fair skin and long hair with a black Clutch
Hands that felt soft
Needless to touch.
The face was so similar the face so familiar
The face was someone whom she could recognize
THE FACE had left a mark on her
Like a sweet pie.

She then turned towards a pool of water
She was stunned and perplexed
Where she saw the exact same face.
She was drenched in tears
Had so much to worry insider her
Yet the image on the pool
Showed no mercy for the fear

She cursed the mirror for the lie
Yet the mirror was smiling
And knew he has to the bridge between the face
Before it dies.

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The Empty Corridor

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 9.52.05 PM

The Empty Corridor says so much more

With memories that are just too much to hold

As I walk Slowly
Reliving the moments
Today standing a little tall
The smell of the same old paint
Is just too much to fall

The walls they still listen
Even if I whisper my secrets.
The Corridor still makes a lot of noise
Even if I tip toe to my best

Smiling through the corridor
Infinite Silent laughter fades
Yet I am helpless
I am clueless
Cause All I can do is

Capture them tight in my memory’s case

The Empty Corridor
Has its face scrubbed a thousand times

Keeping new footprints million times
Yet it still remembers me
Holds my Footprint

The Silent Corridor
Still holds even a heavier Debt
The empty corridor

Remembers my regrets more than myself

Each time the corridor cried
”GO take a step or else
Your life shall be a mess”

All i did was
Searched for reason

Stopped only to tie the lace.

The stupid lace that didn’t matter

The worthless lace 
that had my heart scatter.

If only i listened to silent corridor which always screamed
Today I would have a different story 

I would still have faith my fairies.

The Empty corridor would save me  a different memory
Have happiness and joy 
As the character of my story
Instead of  deep cut and wounds 
Which i cannot effort to bury

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And You Call Her Homeless?

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 9.05.51 PM.png
(Picture Credit:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ1wEE2xCE4)

She doesn’t hold the same story everyday.
Each time she has a different path to lay.
She is the most beautiful and humble ruler of the streets
That rents her palace
That rents the kingdom she never owns 
 But happily
calls the dusty place her home.

Her soul has nothing to say

Because she has no one to care

Sometimes she

Merrily rolls the tyre
Plays with everything
Weather it be the rain or the fire.

The smile disappears 
If her eyes meets the long piles of books
Which she can only dream of touching.
Only dream of ever reading.

Every Night 
She wakes up in her own land

Dances gracefully 

Sings along the whisper of the tress
And peacefully disturb
The flowers and their drunk bess.

She is that Teddy bear who believed in her fairy tales
She is one fine beauty

Oh my my a pure beauty
Beauty that can give Flowers their butterflies
Beauty that can give the trees their sunshine
Beauty that can give the roads a reason to go a thousand miles

She is richest soul
She is a precious gem
To whom
Everybody calls homeless

yet they don’t understand that they all walk in her Runway.

Poems, Weekly Blogs

Forever And More


Hi Joey!

Yeah I see you looked amazed today. The pizza isn’t cut into even a single slice and trust me it isn’t a mistake. I came into this shape today to make you realize how wonderful you are. Though you sometimes didn’t get your friends you looked super confused on joke and yet smiled or even laughed at it some moments, trust me they were adorable and sweet. Remember the time when you were the best “Helper guy” Who helped the non Knicks fan deliver her baby? Even though you were asked leave you stayed there until the last end. You were there with her even though we had visited the hospital with other purpose! All of your innocent madness is covered by the little things you did. And this is why “The one with the birth’ Is my favorite.

They say chandler helped you a lot. But it always went both ways. With Ross ,You showed that friendship always comes first then relationship. And we know you are still not over Rach! But thats okay! Because not everyone you have crush on likes you back always 😉 You had the best days with Phoebe and we secretly wished you would be her crap bag. And you love Mon not only because she is the best chef, also because you know she makes your bracelet buddy more than happy!! 

Joey! We love Iciban lipstick for men !
We love Hugsy as well.
And yes Baywatch is the best TV SHOW EVER !
Honey ! You truly changed the DAYS OF OUR LIVES and gave the best acting tips .

Since you taught us not to share food ! Here today I came as a single pizza without a slice so you don’t have to share ! Enjoy your food Doctor Drake Ramoray!

-Forever Yours
 Joey’s special Pizza ❤


Because We Are Always Right


Your embrace  
Warmer than my blanket  
Your hand on my head to protect 
More than a helmet  
Our endless talk of my long days
Had the capability of your flight delays

We had simple promises to keep
A small box of chocolate
with My favorite brownie cake
Which you promised to bake

But that day
Didn’t wish for more
When I knew being 18
wouldn’t be something I would adore.

You left saying “See You Soon”
But aren’t home even after
The sky has greeted the Moon
92 Hours,
And still your promise is just a word
Mom says
Neither a text or a call is heard
93 hours yet I dont see you
I fear if this is a clue
A clue of darkness
A clue of unhappiness

I don’t understand
Where did we go wrong  
I wish it is just a test to make us strong

Growing up with your values
Is what I did 
But life isn’t fair
It doesn’t have time to mere
Time taught me  
That truth and honesty are no longer cared 

I don’t know the reason  
You being in the the dark room
so far
Nor I know what happened  
In that old stupid car 

The silent house is killing me  
I am tired of people asking me where is he ? 
Our ideal 
Our hero 
your kingdom awaits for you  
And I know you miss us too 
Come back to us  
Together we shall withstand 
To show people we’ve grown a bit more strong  
Because I know  
My king’s never wrong  
Against the world we shall fight  
Because you  taught me 
Good people are always right


The Story

Book ,the destination where you rewind time
To have another look
And this is a story about “A 16 years old Book “

The life of this book wasn’t fair as
She had curves and couples of layers
A nasty spider web to make her hair
And a glass on the top to see things near
Nor she had the aroma
Nor fair pages
She didn’t have good team
Or a pretty face to dream
Had no hopes of a lover
As she wasn’t blessed with a good cover

Far away stood a frustrated soul
In search of a place
For his past to fold
She taught him to heal and he started to feel
Each time a smile at him
Made his anger a little dim

One became the Rose other the Throne
Protecting and healing together they grew
Along with time they flew

This might be scary
But the book just told her story

Today the book stands exactly where she was
But healed after all the suffer
Now happy with her unhappy cover
happy with her unhappy cover !!


Long Roads

Take the roads barefoot
Your footprints will be kept
Walk of them with your vehicle
The smell of your tires will be left.

To every breeze that hits your face
Roads promise to keep them
Keep them safe on each individuals memory case.
When you laugh on the empty roads
Your echoes will be stored.
When you take pictures of your own
A permanent copy will be slipped
Playing a beautiful tone.

Years later
Come visit them again,
They give you the flashbacks
And Memories to cherish
Which run like A Movie playback.

When a traveler comes
They think
Maybe this time they can be spared
But sadly the Long Roads and Traveler
Are parallel lines
which cannot be paired.
ROADS take you where you belong
ROADS return what you long
And even a smell of dew
Enchants you
The Long Road never fails to assume you!!


They turned 19


19 years ago, one big night changed the lives of two people along with their families. Changed everything in the most wonderful possible way. Love had a different definition for both of them but Life is born to give you Overwhelming surprises. Two completely opposite souls saw the flaws in one other and learned to accept them. Learned to admire them considering it to be cute habit of one another.

She didn’t like him waking up at 4 am
He didn’t like her sleeping until 7 am
She didn’t expect him to snore on his sleep
He didn’t adore the fact that She couldn’t sleep early.

These are some common examples that didn’t quite fit. It all seemed like a huge unsolved puzzle Which didn’t make any sense. It was next to impossible to solve the mystery.

Everything was changing and rapidly and this change was a little too scary. It was like walking into the dark, You have no idea what comes.
But the fear of falling cannot stop one from walking can it ? Gripping one another somehow they were getting used to the dark roads.

Their story had ups and down. There were times when their thoughts didn’t have a common conclusion. They were times when she compromised on every single detail.
There were time when he stood silent in spite of not agreeing with her statements. The road had bumps and speed breakers.

But slowly Definition of love changed. Somewhere in between solving the PUZZLE ,Love started to play its music like a mix tape.

Love ironed his clothes;took care of his family. Love made sure he didn’t snore too loud,tired to impress her with an outing. And slowly love grew.
Sometimes he was the reason for her smiles and sometimes she was the reason for not getting enough sleep as he was just to busy watching her sleep.

While they were just beginners who were learning to cope with a new life, parenting knocked their doorstep with their first born. The very first symbol of their love with big eyes of hers and the chubby cheeks for his. To complete their wonderfully weird world when their little girl opened her eyes for the first time, they both just couldn’t resist the fact that they received the best gift. And This is how their story started.
The chapter inside the story are wonderful and beyond words. They have written each word beautifully and symbolically.

Oh my my ! how fast the time flies!
The little one is all grown up now and she know she has the best first best friends. They know how to give her the immense love and time in their busy schedule. And the 15 minute NO PHONE TIME is compulsory! Its a must to tell each other everything.There were moments when they have no idea what she is talking about, still they try their level best to get her.

And sometimes in between the FAMILY TIME looking back,all they can do is smile over the flaws. Laugh remembering the memories echoing them for the rest of the lives and paint more beautiful ones in their canvas of love.

For Now they both complete each other. It just fits the way it should be. But still they are busy finding the missing pieces of the puzzle to decorate their masterpiece called Life .